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Adopting A Pet Prospective parents contact us, fill out an application and answer a few questions.  Then e-mail the application back to Tanya's and she will then review it.   If approved, they fill out a contract with some rigorous guidelines. To help ensure that we place our animals in loving, responsible, and committed homes, we reserve the right to turn down potential adopters as we deem necessary. Occasionally, a home delivery or visit may be made a required part of the adoption procedure. Each member of the family must agree to the adoption. The family must agree to allowing their new pet indoors and make him or her part of the family. The family home must be appropriate to caring for the pet, including a secure, fenced yard for dogs. We do adopt to pet friendly apartments, and you must be willing and able to take the dog for plenty of walks.  The family must demonstrate a commitment to their new pet, and be prepared to care for him or her for life. Of course, if for some reason the adoption is not successful, the pet is returned back to  T. A. N. Y. A.'s so that we may find him or her another home. We do not adopt puppies out of the San Bernardino area, unless they are already altered and have had all their puppy vaccinations. We do adopt out adult and older puppies that have been altered. These dogs have stronger immune systems and can handle the transition. We will only adopt out-of-state if the interested party is  willing and able to pick up their animals (and or pay for their transport).



*Being Hit By a Car, Being Stolen, Getting Lost,

Fights With Other Cats, Dogs, Skunks or Racoons

Fleas, Worms, & Ticks, Exposure to Diseases From Other Cats

Cruel People Mistreating & Abusing Them

Rain, Wind & Cold Temperatures, Animal Traps, Accidental Poisoning

Getting Collar Caught Up On Something

Fear and Loneliness

  A great crate-training page/article:







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