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  Donation Information


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  We are a private rescue group. We are a non-profit , 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization. Donations are tax deductable.  Our FEIN # is 20-2829665. We mostly rescue dogs from shelters before being destroyed.  We only rescue small to medium size dogs, Tanya only takes large breed dogs when she has space available, our kennel space is set for small dogs not large breed dogs.   Our standard adoption fees are very reasonable.  Adoption fees for dogs range from $175.00-$800.00. This additional fee helps with medical bills for the animals.  Many of the animals we rescue are treated for kennel cough (since so many that we rescue come from shelters) and/or other illnesses they may have such as ticks, skin problems, hernias, dentals, blood panels, x-rays, broken bones or even tumors.  All dogs are spayed or neutered, treated with Advantage, de-wormed, groomed and current on vaccines, Dogs are Avid chipped.   No other health guarantee is given or implied. We do not always know the background of the pet you are adopting. Many of the animals that we rescue come from high kill shelters. The adoption donation is not refundable but is transferable.  Please understand that all donations go to help other homeless pets and to assist T.A.N.Y.A.'s Inc. in fighting pet overpopulation.  We crate train all the dogs and many are housebroken. We have a few foster homes that train the dogs to use doggie doors or crate train them. All the dogs are tested with cats and many are around children.  The animals stay at our homes & we work full time to help these animals. These animals are living pets, they need attention, love, and discipline. If you are not willing to do this, please do not adopt a living pet.  All donations are accepted and appreciated!

If you found a puppy and took it to a Veterinarian for at least 3 visits for all the vaccines that we give, have it de-wormed (treated with Drontal), de-flea'd (treated with Advantix or Frontline), treated for kennel cough (70% of rescued dogs develop upper-respiratory), AVID Micro chipped with the registration going to the adopter (a $60 value all by itself), spayed or neutered and groomed - how much would you spend?  That would be above and beyond the original cost from a breeder.  We are not a government shelter.  And yes, we do get the higher adoption fees for the more desirable animals to help offset the lower fees on the older, larger harder ones to place.  and dogs listed with fees as low as $175.  So - if you add up everything we do, what do you come up with? An average of $381.00 in San Bernardino County. We are lucky we have found over 15,000 people to give our rescued pets "forever homes" over the years (753 just last year) and perceive a value in what we do.

  Starting Costs of Owning a Pet!

Spay $92.00-$200.00          If in Heat extra $40 to 60.00


Castrate $82.00-$130.00          If Retained Testicle Extra $100.00


6-Way  1x$18.00          Puppies   3x$18.00=$54.00


 Bordtella   1x1$22.00          Puppies   2x$22.00=$44.00


Micro Chip  $40.00          with Registration  $20.00=$60.00


Advantix   $45.00-$68.00


Dewormed  1x$20.00          Puppies   2x$20.00=$40.00


Dogs four months or older are givin Rabies vaccination $18.00


Totals Run from   $290.00 to $461.00 or more...

We also do x-Rays, Blood Panels, Hernias, Dentals, Tumors, Broken Legs, etc... if needed.  It does not include all the food and around the clock care and work.  It does not include all the bills to keep the rescue going.  We care for these dogs as if the were our own.  Loving them has no price!

  We are a non-profit rescue that survives soley off of donations from you!






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