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Welcome to Tanya's Inc.  We hope that you find a new family member to add to your home.


Message From: (Private) March 11, 2023
I adopted Annie (formerly Puff) in May 2022. She is such a loving little girl, or should I say tomboy. She loves running around the backyard and getting her paws dirty. But she makes me smile everyday. I Love her and I am so gratefull to you Tanya and family for your rescue shelter.

Message From: Caroline February 24, 2022
Hello. Back in May 2007, we adopted a little brindle chihuahua mix named Oatmeal. We named her Peni and she has been my baby ever since. She turned out to be my soul dog. She live a long wonderful life with us She passed away 2-7-2022. She would be 15 yrs on March 6th. I want to thank you for all the work you guys do to help animals finds good homes. I wouldn't have known Peni without you guys. Thank you for everything ❤️

Message From: Jenifer November 16, 2020
You do such important work!

Message From: Dawn November 1, 2020
I see your little Midnight and she reminds me of my old senior dog who needs a new friend since our other senior died. Thanks for helping to save pets.

Message From: Erica Ames April 8, 2020
We adopted Cooper (now named Finch), and he has been such a blessing in our home! We absolutely love him. He brings us joy every single day! Thank you for rescuing our sweet boy.

Message From: Katie December 17, 2019
I adopted Honey Bear (Flower) 4/20/18. She and her 2 pom/shih tzu mix sisters were born on Valentine's Day and it shows. Honey is the sweetest, cutest, most loving pup ever. When I adopted her Tanya said she was the 'shy quiet one' of the group but now this little gal is a social butterfly. She wants to make the world a better place one puppy kiss at a time! Thank you for your work and for bringing me the best bundle of joy a human could ask for!

Message From: Lily Darcey Gonzalez October 12, 2019
Hello Tanya! We just wanted to let you know how privileged we feel to have Pinky, the Xolo, which we adopted at the end of July last summer from you. She is such a gentle, loving and happy little dog. She is enjoying hiking with us and her brother Percy, our Greatdane who also loves kissing her. Keep up the wonderful work that you anf your family do. God bless. Lily, Maria, Pinky and Percy

Message From: MICHRLLR August 4, 2018
I adopted Bear and Foxy and they are the sweetest most beautiful dogs in the world. I had a wonderful experience with Tanyas organization

Message From: Deborah Davis December 20, 2017
Will be mailing my donation in a few days. Will also try to send items from wish list.

Message From: Corinne November 23, 2016
I adopted Patches on 11/7/2015 she's the best dog. My baby girl. She loves everyone and everyone wants her or one like her.many thanks and blessings to Tanya for Patches.

Message From: Tammy Guzzetta April 3, 2016
On 11-18-07 I adopted C.C.. She was scared of her own shadow. She has become a great dog and very loving. Thank you Tanya, she was a great addition to my "pet family." She is still going strong and is a feisty little toy poodle.

Message From: Karla Henry Michel January 17, 2016
Just an update. Back in 2005 I adopted an chich. mix named Jacko-lope ( Jack) He is doing fine, we still have him . the grandkids love him, even if he is going blind he' full of life, plays all the time with our golden. Thanks so much for such a wonderful dog!!!

Message From: Bob January 9, 2016
I adopted my beautiful Ling Ling 6 years ago from Tanya's, August 2009. She was prescious Cafe au Late in color. She was a samll toy poodle who was rescued back when the recession hit. I was blessed with 6 loving years with Ling Ling, She lost her eye sight in september 2015, I found a Dr. In sherman Oaks who did Retina reattachment , we did the left eye unsuccessful But we did the right eye the next week and it was a success. I lost my Ling Ling November 11, 2015 she was also battling protein loss though her stomach lining was under care with CA Vetinerary in Ontario 3 years treatment.. to all who come to This site save or rescue these innocent animals, you will be rewarded with the most unconditional LOVE you will ever know.. I have 4 other small rescues . Tam Tanya Bless you and your staff for helping our animal families .. Bob

Message From: (Private) January 9, 2016
Thank you for your great work!

Message From: (Private) November 3, 2015
We adopted Liberty in August and she had been the best dog. We love her dearly. Thank you so much for saving her and keeping her safe for us.

Message From: Kriss McElhenny September 13, 2015
Tanya,staff,& volunteers, You are all angels! I visit your adoption events often,and just want to say Thank you for all you do,for all the animals! Without your compassionate heart, hard work, & dedication to these babies,they may not have a chance of ever knowing what a happy,healthy life is. You also rescue the people who adopt these lovebugs, for they are blessed w/love,companionship,& joy.. You are a blessing from God! Thank You for all you do!

Message From: Nicole August 2, 2015
puppies are cute and great

Message From: rrbriones June 1, 2015
I'm so happy I went to Petco this past Saturday, 5/30/15. I was introduced to my puppy Mac. He's going to forever put a smile on my face :) He's so smart, he's basically potty trained & I've only had him 3days! Becky B. Highland CA

Message From: Melody May 22, 2015
I adopted Oscar and he was such a great dog since day 1 I'm so glad that oscar was with the most amazing people to help him out ever since he was just a month along with his brothers and sisters Thank You You Guys Are Amazing

Message From: Roger Stokes October 9, 2014
You are my hero. There are no words that could thank you for what you are doing. God Bless You!

Message From: Mary Todd May 26, 2014
I adopted your Bernie (then Scout), his now name is Marley, from Petco a few weeks ago. I CAN NOT imagine why anyone would have returned this dog. He is the sweetest, happiest, well behaved (most of the time) dog I've ever seen. I obtained him for my teenage son. My son takes Marley everywhere. Marley sleeps with him every night and absolutely loves him. My two 'babies', Malamute Koda and Husky Nanook also love him and play with him. THANK YOU for rescuing this wonderful new addition to our family! How can I post pics of Marley with his new forever family? :o)

Message From: DEBI February 13, 2014
TANYA, THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO GIRL, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Message From: Robert Goodman November 21, 2013
Bless you and all you do!

Message From: Stephanie August 15, 2013
I saw your car with your logo on it and decided to look up your website, and I have to say I love what you are doing for animals! As an animals lover myself, I am happy to see there are other people in this world with compassion! Keep up your Good Work!

Message From: Danny August 11, 2013
When I adopt my kitten I'm going to name her Tanya

Message From: Stephe June 20, 2013
I love what Tanya's does for the animals. I want to be a part of it. Do you need a volunteer? I'll talk to you this weekend at Petco.

Message From: Pam March 28, 2013
Thank you for the wonderful work you do.

Message From: Ali Rafter March 24, 2013
Thank you to TANYA's inc! We've been looking for a Golden-Retriever/Lab mix and happened to find her at Pet Co. on Saturday--It seemed meant to be and we are so happy to welcome Stella into our family! Thanks for all your help with the adoption!!!

Message From: Donna Young March 3, 2013
We just came in to Petco for some fish food and ended up taking Tulip home! We have since changed her name to Nuve. She has brought so much joy to us. Thank you Tanya. If it weren't for a donation we would not been able to afford the full cost of adoption. Please everyone, any amount you can give really does help!

Message From: Rochelle February 11, 2013
Thank You for rescuing little miss Triss. She is an absolute joy and has filled our home with so much happiness. I wasn't't sure if I was ready to adopt another after having to put my ItsyBitsy down because of her health and age. But having Triss move in has brought me such joy and I thank all of you for all the love and care you give to these little darlings. It really shows. I will send some pics real soon. Your Friend, Rochelle

Message From: Debbie December 15, 2012
I took my dog Bambi to petco in Redlands to have her picture taken with Santa and Bambi would like to thank each and everyone of you and wishes you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Message From: Christine November 29, 2012
Hello from Maryland. What a wonderful job you are doing!

Message From: theresa rejent October 24, 2012
tanya, i live in nc, i came about your shelter on facebook, u are truly a angel, god bless u for the wonderful work u do

Message From: Laura Evans September 30, 2012
We adopted Molly at the Redlands Petco almost 2 years ago. You had named her Miss Piggy. She is thriving and is a great addition to the family. We have a 15 year old Pekignese mix and they get along very well. God Bless you for all you do!

Message From: Dena S September 22, 2012
Thank you so much for the life you give these babies! You have convinced me that my next dog will be a rescued dog. Keep up the great work you are all angels.

Message From: Samantha September 7, 2012
I support all what you are doing for the community and these animals life.

Message From: Deb Godbey May 20, 2012
Thank you for the work you do.

Message From: Poppy Dearden May 13, 2012
I was found in a parking lot with broken front legs. Thanks to Tanya, I healed the best I could. I was adopted 4 years ago and can't imagine being anywhere else. Happy Mothers Day Tanya. You were my first real mom and I wiggle and wiggle when I hear your name.

Message From: Jim & Brenda April 30, 2012
We adopted Penelope at the OC Pet Expo. What a terrific little dog. She is a perfect fit for us.

Message From: Melissa Aprigliano April 26, 2012
Adopting Perris on 4/28

Message From: Maria Santoni April 24, 2012
here we have 8 month "Waffle" with us.he has been such a good boy and we are so glad we have adopted him Maria

Message From: Brenda April 23, 2012
We adopted Skeeter (Muggles) at the Orange County Pet Expo on Saturday and he is getting along wonderfully! He's happy, active and enjoying (pestering) his big sister Sofie (corgi). Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to finding loving homes for the pets.

Message From: my new adoption March 18, 2012
Hi I recently adopted a wonderful 6 month old short hair named bailey!! shes beautiful and so kind and such a loving snuggly cat and has made a great friend to our other cat calypso!!! Bailey is my first adoption ever and I look forward to the years to come she really warms my heart and its sad that someone would over look her and her sister just because they are black cats what a shame anyways I wanted to say thank you for coming into my world bailey

Message From: Laura December 21, 2011
I'm sitting here with a content little 3 pound Bella (Felisha). I didn't plan on getting a dog, but I am glad we did. We are so lucky we have her. She's a happy little girl who just loves life. She has a large extended family of "cousins" my mom and sisters dogs and she gets along with every animal and every person she comes into contact with. She has a mischievious streak that makes me scold her to which she pays no mind to! She must see my smile as I scold her. She's a blessing and makes the people she's around very happy. Tanya raised this pup for her first 12 weeks. She was there for me after I adopted her and had a little health scare the first weekend. (Nervous tummy her first night in her new home). She cares very much and puts herself into each of the animals she tends to! Thanks and Merry Christmas

Message From: Nancy, Jeri, and Miss Kaiya November 29, 2011
Petey is the best thing. We love him so much. He has come at the right time. Tanya is such an amazing woman, she does over and beyond for theses animals. She is a life saver.We all would highly recommend T.A.N.Y.A.'S!

Message From: Zorena October 4, 2011
Bless your heart for being the voice and caring so much...love ya muahhhhh..

Message From: Michelle September 16, 2011
Hi Tanya! It has been almost two years since we adopted Lulu, the little terrier-mix :) (we decided to keep her name). Weeks before we adopted Lulu, I would constantly look at her photos from your website, and just knew there was something special about her! The day you contacted us and said she was available for adoption at the Redlands Petco, we immediately drove 2 hrs to get there, met Lulu and her family, and just fell in love with her! She has since become a huge part of my life, a member of the family. Lulu is showered with hugs and kisses, loves her walks and treats, and enjoys sharing the bed with mommy. I sincerely want to thank you for what you do-- providing these wonderful animals with people to love them forever, and providing people like me with companions to love us forever.

Message From: Vicki August 21, 2011
We adopted Winston, an 8-year-old MaltiPoo, in April at the OC Pet Expo. My husband was pretty skeptical, but Winston is the love of our lives. He loves going everywhere with us, including camping. Keep up the good work, Tanya.

Message From: Kris July 2, 2011
we adopted a 10 week old kitten from T.A.N.Y.A's , and he as been a great addition to our home!! hes sooo cute, and is such a funny kitty!!! he has so much personality! he sleeps in our bed, actually right on top of my head..LOL..thank you so much for all you do!! oh, and our kitty's new name is " Indie"...like Indiana Jones!!!!

Message From: Aldrin June 30, 2011
Hi Tanya, we just adopted Rags. She has been such a joy to all of us. The girls just can't get enough of her. She's very gentle and nice to my other relatives. Thank you so much! :)

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