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5/27/2024 12:49 PM


Animal Success Stories

Cisco's Happy Life!

Here are a few pictures of Cisco. The most recent is May 9. It is 
hard to believe that little 6 pound bundle is now six months old and 
so big. There are a few pictures with the cat and with Newton. Those 
two are best buds and get along great.

Did his other 2 sisters get adopted - Mia and Melody. I think Magic 
was already gone when we came to get him. I'd love to see what they 
look like now. Feel free to pass on my email address to his sibling's 

Thanks again
Samantha and Don Porter
Las Vegas

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Hi Tanya, Thought you might enjoy seeing how happy and healthy Miss Celeste is. She walks a mile or so every morning. In the afternoon she goes to the dog park and runs with her friends. She is the fastest dog in the small dog park, and loves to be chased. In the big dog park, she hasn't a chance. She is not afraid of them, she just avoids all but one Rott, who she likes a lot. She loves everyone, and is especially sweet with kids and puppies. She runs up to everyone she meets and greets them all and invites them to rub her ears. At home she barks at anyone who comes into the house, even my son in law who she should know by now. At night she burrows under our covers and doesn't want to get up in the morning. She is a slug a bed. In all ways she is a delight and we thank you every day for rescuing her. Roger and Carolyn Plumley


Hi Im Gulliver AKA gully! I am a 10 year old pure breed Pekingese. But don't let my age fool you. I am still an active boy who loves to go every where with you I am a total lap dog. I'm trying to find myself a home where I can Live happy and never fear being turned in to the shelter. Here is a little bit from my past. I was turned in to the shelter after my owner was being put in to a nursing home, sadly I could not go with her. I was turned in to the shelter where I was hoping to find another happy home. It came down to my last day. I was so sad that my dream of a long life ahead of me was going to be shattered that next day. The next morning a sweet lady pulled me and saved my life I was brought to Tanya's where I am awaiting my life long I am a sweet boy who is a little on the dirty side. I will be groomed up and ready for adoption by the 17th. Will you consider me as a old pal to grow old with? NOW!!!Gulliver cleans up well,doesn't he? He's doing very well! He was a little sick yesterday which worried me at first because he's so skinny and he didn't want to eat, so I was concerned. But I think his tummy was upset because by last night and this morning he's been eating very well. We went to some friends' house yesterday to celebrate our two year old granddaughter's birthday and I was planning on taking him with us at first to introduce him to everyone, but since he wasn't eating and I felt he wasn't feeling well from all the changes, I opted to let him stay home. When we came home a couple of hours later, he was at the door with the two Golden Retrievers just as happy to see us as if he's been living here forever! He's coming out of his "shell" a little more each day. This morning he actually decided to sit and bark at my female Golden (Cheyenne) who was sitting at my feet. I guess he decided he didn't like anyone moving in on "his" turf! Thank you so much Tanya! Not just for Gulliver, but for everything that you do for all the homeless guys.


Tanya, I was wondering if I could have you send me the pic you took of Joe and I when I adopted him at Petco. It wasn't on the site, so could you email it to me? I wanted to send it to a couple friends out of state. Also... Joe has been great. Our other dog cannot get enough of him! She gets upset if we have to discipline Joe. It's as if she's telling us, "Don't tell him no!" We put him up once for eating our couch cover and she was hysterical. She wanted him out. Joe never minded. He was quiet in the cage, but she wanted him out. He's also REALLY smart, too smart - for our own good! We tried putting him in the backyard and he dug out, so we have to dig a trench this winter break and put chicken wire around the fence. Then we put him in a spacious room while we were at work - no good. Then I put him in the bathroom, where he learned to lock himself in. That was about the craziest thing I have ever encountered! Funny as heck, but bizarre! Then we got a doggy gate and put him in the hallway so he could see out and be with our other dog. No good either. He climbed over the gate like a person climbs a fence! That is my husband's favorite thing to tell people! Then we put a chair in front of the gate - still climbed over. Lastly, we borrowed a huge crate (three times his size) and put him in there today, in the living room. He popped off the top and climbed out. Can you believe that? What a dog! Luckily, this time he didn't destroy anything. He greeted me at the door after work like nothing happened. I think he's trying to tell me that he will be a good boy, if I just leave him out! Tried that once, won't do it again, at least not for a little while. He only has to spend 1 more day alone before I am off for 6 weeks to train him and spend loads of time with him. He should be a cinch to train! Smarty pants. We should've called him Houdini! LOL. His potty training has gone wonderfully though! I had puppy pads out at first, but he preferred to lay on them like blankets. I come home at lunch to let him and Emily out and he holds it until I do and then again until I come home a couple hours later. WOW! When he was first being trained, he would let my husband know AFTER he went potty, not before. As if to say, "Hey dad, can you clean up my mess?" Now he has the hang of it. He comes up and sweetly asks, even in the morning. He sleeps all night long--on our bed. We had him in the bathroom at night, but after spending the weekend in bed, he wasn't going back to the bathroom ever again. Thanks again for a great, sweet and adventurous pet! Mindy Miller

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